Friday, October 23, 2009

The Breakfast Portfolio: "Finding value in undervalued commodities "

Now we're cookin'.
From MarketWatch:

Natural gas, hogs, orange juice and platinum are a few of analysts' picks

With gold near an all-time nominal high, it would be tough to view this resource as cheap or undervalued, but there are some pretty good commodity bargains out there.

With the Dow Jones Industrial Average posting a solid rally during the summer and early fall, speculative traders have been "looking to take investment money and invest in commodities that may be undervalued," said Darin Newsom, Telvent DTN senior analyst.

And "the weakening U.S. dollar index has heightened fears of inflation -- meaning commodity markets could continue to rally, particularly those that have lost ground to other markets over recent years," he said.

The commodities that still have upside potential include natural gas, wheat, hogs, lumber, orange juice, some metals -- and maybe even oil, despite its hefty price, according to analysts....MORE