Monday, October 26, 2009

Someone’s betting against solar stocks… (FSLR)

UPDATE: Great minds and all that-- "Cowen's "Stone Maintains OUTPERFORM Rating on First Solar Ahead of Report" "Comments on Solar Sector Underperformance" (FSLR; TSL)"
Original post:
With FSLR reporting Wednesday and considering their history of beats, I'm not sure I'd make this bet quite yet. The stock was recently trading at $154.69, up $2.30.
From the FT's Energy Source:

Enthusiasm for betting on a fall in the share price of some of the world’s biggest solar companies is high, according to Data Explorer.

They say that almost 16 per cent of outstanding shares in First Solar, which last week joined the S&P 500, are available for loan as of October 23. That was more than a third higher than a week earlier, when it was 11 per cent....MORE