Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"Jim Cramer Takes Issue With Own Investing Tips Being Thrown Back At Him, Demands Apology, More Gentlemanly Conduct (On The Internet)" GS; TSCM

Mr. Cramer, a word of advice: Let it go. DO NOT get into a fight with Cheat Sheet, much less DealBreaker (did you see the dirt they've got on Blankfein?) Knife/Gunfight. From DealBreaker:
The other day, the blogger over at Wall Street Cheat Sheet penned a column arguing that “according to transitive logic,” Jim Cramer would recommend selling your stock in The Street.com (TSCM), due to the fact that JC tells people to dump shares when executives leave companies suddenly or miss their filings. Both of these dealbreakers recently occurred at The Street, so the author argued that if one were a strict Cramer fundamentalist, there’d only be one thing left to do. He did not claim that JC had actually made this call himself, but rather used it as sort of WWJCD case study. You would think that Jimbo would a) realize this and b) be flattered that someone had not only bought his book but was following his teachings so closely and helping others to apply them in real time investing situations. But you’d think wrong!...MORE

Does Lloyd Blankfein Let His Clothes Talk For Him?

blankfeinboxing.pngAccording to the Financial Times, yes, and they’re the secret to Goldman’s success. Unexplored: whether or not the firm would be where it is today if the once “ostentatious and inappropriate dresser” had continued to let his freak-flag fly.

Blankfein is…not the nattiest dresser on the Street; nor is he all roll-up-your-sleeves-and-get-to-work. Instead, he has become a manifestation of sobriety, in a grey or dark two-button, single-breasted suit, medium-width lapels, no trendy touches - and a silk tie with a small geometric pattern.
These are clothes that say: I have nice stuff but it is a background to the real substance of my life. Clothes that do exactly what Blankfein told his employees to do: not spend their bonuses frivolously or too publicly. Clothes that say, “Yes, I may be about to make a shocking amount of money but not by being a financial cowboy.” (You don’t have to agree with this; I’m just translating the look.) They speak softly, and convey a big brain.

Don't do it Jimbo.