Thursday, October 8, 2009

Investing in the Battery Industry (AONE; ENS; HEV; XIDE)

John Petersen has been posting on the battery biz for a while now. Recently he did a four-parter under the misleading title "Battery Investing for Beginners"
(it goes pretty deep).
He's done a lot of legwork and gathered the info in one place. Definitely worth a bookmark.
From AltEnergyStocks:

Battery Investing for Beginners: Index

John Petersen wrote a series of popular articles last week to introduce new investors to the battery sector, following the A123 IPO. We've had a couple requests from readers who missed one part or another, so here is a quick index to the articles.

  1. Part I - Battery industry overview.
  2. Parrt II - Comparison of energy storage technologies and companies.
  3. Part III - Benchmarking Performance of battery stocks
  4. Part IV - Debunking misconceptions about electric vehicles and battery technology.