Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Big Bang scientist 'planned to blow up oil refinery in terror attack that would wipe out city the size of London'

Someone, please, help me. I managed to go cold turkey on the NY Daily News only to fall prey to a substitute addiction, London's Daily Mail (yesterday's "Thugs attack two transvestites... who turn out to be cage fighters wearing fancy dress (Off-Topic) ", for example).
Today's story isn't quite as funny but definitely has that DM feel.
From the Daily Mail:
A nuclear scientist turned Al Qaeda agent was targeting a Total Oil refinery in a bid to cause an explosion which would have destroyed a city ‘the size of London’, it emerged today.
Adlene Hicheur , 32, also compiled a ‘wish list’ of senior European politicians as ‘assassination targets’ including French president Nicolas Sarkozy and the country’s interior minister Brice Hortefeux. Hicheur is currently on remand in Paris after being charged on Monday afternoon with ‘criminal activities related to a terrorist group’.

And today details of the ‘brilliant and solitary’ physician’s sinister plans were made public by security sources who have been collecting evidence against him for the past year-and-a-half during a surveillance operation.Read more:
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Here's the lighter side of the LHC: