Friday, July 11, 2008

Warren Buffett's Sun Valley Thoughts

From CNBC:
...Buffett told us the data he's seeing from Berkshire Hathaway companies reveals the economy's decline has accelerated over the past six weeks, more so than the preceding few months. He noted that while the economic situation must be weighing on the minds of many of the CEOs here, they aren't talking about it much....

As Mr. Buffett says in the 2007 annual report, regarding just the non-insurance, non-utility businesses:
Our activities in this part of Berkshire cover the waterfront.

Their 'Manufacturing, Service and Retailing Operations' comprise some seventy* businesses. Warren has access to really good market and economic intelligence.

*I lose track of the acquisitions but that number is close enough for this purpose. At least I don't have to follow divestitures.