Monday, July 21, 2008

Solar: Arrivaderci Roma, γεία σου* Thessaloniki!

We said in "Solar: Arrivederci Germania, Viva Italia!":
As the herd moves off in search of tasty subsidies...
Now it's on to Greece!
From Renewable Energy Online:

Greek Incentive Program Lures Solar Companies
Two more North American companies have moved into the Greek solar market in response to the feed-in tariff and grant program passed there in 2006.

New York-based Clear Skies Solar, Inc. recently announced the establishment of a corporate office in the city of Larissa, in Central Greece. Partnering with Larissa-based Aspen Energy, whose focus is the procurement of solar energy business opportunities throughout Greece, Clear Skies Solar will provide Aspen with solar technologies and installation services.

Due to robust incentives, Greece has emerged as a promising market for solar power. In 2006, the country’s Parliament passed comprehensive Renewable Energy Sources legislation which provides grants, favorable tax treatment, and a €0.40-0.50 feed-in tariff as incentives for setting up business or installing solar-PV systems. For commercial entities, incentives in the form of grants can run as high as 50 percent of the total cost of a company’s solar system. The government's goal is to install 700 megawatts of PV in the country by 2020.>>>MORE

In the meantime, from Xinhua:

*I think that's hello in Greek, but I don't speak it.
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