Thursday, July 3, 2008

Miasole perhaps not so unhealthy after all — may get $200M investment

How's that for timing? We had just mentioned Miasole in "Solar: Peak Gallium? Indium?" (unfortunately in a post that linked to a possibly negative story) and here comes VentureBeat saying Miasole may be in line for a fifth of a billion dollar financing.
From VentureBeat:
Miasole, the thin-film solar cell maker that is the third member of a triumvirate of heavily-funded CIGS startups including Heliovolt and Nanosolar, has been pretty quiet since losing its CEO and laying off 40 workers late last year. In the interim, there has been plenty of speculation that it was faltering, and might even close its doors.

Not even close, according to a report this morning. Instead, Miasole is about to close a round of between $200 and $220 million, a source has told VentureWire — and, even better, the company will have a sky-high valuation of $1.2 billion....MORE