Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Senator Larry Craig vs. Al Gore: Plumbing Envy?

Here's the Senator's stance on Mr. Gore:
In fact, as more and more American scientists review the available data on global warming, it is becoming increasingly clear that the vast majority believe the commitments for reduction of greenhouse gas emissions made by the Administration in the Kyoto Protocol is an unnecessary response to an exaggerated threat--`to an exaggerated threat' that the Vice President himself is caught up in making.

Click here for Senator Craig's stance on Bill Clinton.
"A Nasty, Bad, Naughty, Boy"

And the reason for the animosity?

Waterless Urinals. Cool ones. No stalls.
Here's the company. Here's one of their advisors.

You'll see Richard Gephardt is also an advisor.
I don't think Larry hates Dick.
There's always a connection.
The link-vault comes through again.