Wednesday, November 7, 2007


From the New York Post:

Mayor Bloomberg, green as the Jolly Giant these days, was off to Seattle last week to wag a censorious finger at befoulers of the global environment.

In his private jet.

Spewing carbon emissions.

Oops - there goes another iceberg.

Mike was a co-keynote speaker (along with the equally green Bill Clinton) at last Friday's U.S. Conference of Mayors gathering. The mayor called for a global-warming-tax on corporate carbon emissions.

That's as opposed to taxing carbon generated by individuals - understandably, because when it comes to carbon footprints, Mike is in a class by himself.

Sasquatch class.

...The Post estimated that Bloomberg's annually responsible for "364 tons of smog-inducing carbon dioxide . . . [and] that's a carbon footprint larger than what's produced by 18 average Americans, 53 Europeans or 404 Guatemalans."...MORE