Monday, November 5, 2007

In Citi Shake-Up, Broader Troubles

I was going to stop with the "All Citi, all the time" blog, having left off with the gruesome death of Edward II, King of England. However, this story has some insights I haven't seen elsewhere.

From the Wall Street Journal:
Defiant Citigroup bond traders still cling to their corporate roots, sometimes answering phones "Salomon" even though Citigroup a few years ago dropped the Salomon Brothers name it had acquired and instructed employees not to use it. The bank's retail network isn't hooked into other parts of the company -- meaning branch tellers can't see whether a customer in front of them has been preapproved for a credit card so they can offer it. Until recently, capital markets and consumer businesses within the bank's European operations duplicated basic office functions because each had its own legal and human-resources staffs....MUCH MORE

I joke about the "Read the whole thing" thing (the last time I used it was with the Energy Bill, a 786 page PDF) but this is must read (Reed?).