Monday, November 5, 2007

“Greenwash guerrillas” invade carbon conference

A couple more from Reuters:

Not everyone believes trading the right to pollute greenhouse gases will stop global warming, as vociferously demonstrated at a New York carbon conference. Shouting “Renounce this treachery!” two self-dubbed “greenwash guerrillas” invaded a Point Carbon conference in New York’s Javits Center on Tuesday.

The activists from a group called Rising Tide, passed security posing as convention delegates. Then they rushed the stage just before U.S. Congressman Jay Inslee, a Washington Democrat, was set to speak. The extreme greens, organic farmer Jessica Starr, and graphic artist David Lee, came down from their home Maine to bestow the 700 carbon traders, environmentalists, and bankers attending the meet with a deed to the sky, and a key to the sky.

But some greens believe carbon trading in effect privatizes the atmosphere under false pretenses. At best it puts money in the pockets of traders and brokers for projects that probably would have eventually happened anyway, and at worst could support energy sources and technologies that could increase emissions or other environmental and social problems, they say.

Point Carbon workers escorted the activists from the stage without bothering to alert convention security.>>>MORE (with video!)

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