Friday, November 2, 2007

Future of Science: 'We Will Have the Power of the Gods"

Alrighty then.

From the Telegraph:
A leading theoretical physicist has tapped the best scientific brains of the age to provide a startling vision of the future. Roger Highfield reports

...Three centuries later, that great ocean of truth is not so mysterious. According to the theoretical physicist Professor Michio Kaku of the City College of New York, we are entering an empowered new era: "We have unlocked the secrets of matter"....

..."We will have the power to animate the inanimate, the power to create life itself," says Prof Kaku. "We will have the power of gods. But will we also have the wisdom of Solomon?"



Prof Anton Zeilinger, University of Vienna

"We achieved quantum teleportation 10 years ago, and we're using it on a regular basis on the information carried by a system"....MORE