Thursday, November 8, 2007

Carbon Derivatives Launched to Link U.N. and EU

EEX, Eurex to launch options contracts for CERs, EUAs

From PointCarbon via New Values Community:

European Energy Exchange (EEX) and financial derivatives exchange Eurex will launch option contracts for EU allowances and Kyoto project credits over the next two years, the companies told reporters in London today.

The exchanges announced in October they will team up to offer carbon contracts starting 5 December, which will allow Eurex members to trade European and UN carbon credits on EEX’s trading platform.
However, the companies announced today they would offer both exchanges’ members the chance to trade option contracts for both EU allowances (EUAs) and certified emission reductions (CERs).

The transfer of CERs has been blighted by the continuous delay of a software link that connects the European and UN carbon markets. But the delay has not stopped several exchanges announcing plans to offer contracts once the international transaction log and the community independent transaction logs are linked....MORE