Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Business of Climate Change II:

From Lehman Brothers:

Policy is accelerating, with major implications for companies and investors
by John Llewellyn and Camille Chaix

Motivation: Why climate change matters to business

Part I: The fundamental role of the price mechanism

Chapter 1: Why climate change is a (cost-benefit) economic issue
Chapter 2: The measurement of the ‘social’ or ‘damage’ cost of carbon
Chapter 3: The choice of policy instrument: taxing vs trading
Chapter 4: The implicit price of carbon in regulation-based policies

Part II: Analytical issues in designing climate change policies

Chapter 5: Uncertainty and risk: the case for paying a risk premium
...Box: Is climate change insurable?
Chapter 6: The discount rate controversy

Part III: Practical issues in designing climate change policies

Chapter 7: Adaptation vs abatement: are they alternatives?
...Box: Examples of adaptation policies
Chapter 8: The equity dimension
...Box: China’s demand for motor vehicles
...Box: The clean development mechanism
...Box: Regional impacts of climate change
Chapter 9: Emissions trading: grandfathering vs auctioning

Part IV: Business implications of climate change policies
Chapter 10: Carbon trading and competitiveness
Chapter 11: Industry implications of climate change policies

...Box: Food prices and the ‘ethanol push’
...Box: Awareness is increasing among businesses
Conclusion: What next?
...Box: Evaluating the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme
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