Monday, November 5, 2007

Bill Clinton: "Green" economy offers great rewards


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The shift to a green economy is the biggest economic opportunity facing the United States since the military buildup to World War Two, former President Bill Clinton said on Thursday.

Addressing the U.S. Conference of Mayors' Climate Protection Summit, Clinton said initiatives to combat global warming, such as the retrofit of old buildings and switching to more fuel-efficient cars, would create jobs and boost wages.

"In my view for the United States, it is the greatest economic opportunity we've had since we mobilized for World War Two," Clinton said. "If we do it right, it will produce job gains and income gains substantially greater than the 1990s."...More from Reuters

From the press release:

President Clinton Forms New Partnerships with 1,100 U.S. Mayors, Walmart and 25 Manufacturers to Make Energy-Efficient Products Affordable and Available Across America

Clinton Climate Initiative to Pool Largest Private-Sector and Largest Public-Sector Purchasing of Green Technologies in the World