Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Solar Hotspot-Germany

...Representatives of Qimonda, AMD, Applied Materials, and Signet Solar discussed Germany as a location for both high-tech investments and groundbreaking cooperation between the PV and semiconductor industries. The event was attended by 140 executives from both industries.

Qimonda, the top 3 DRAM manufacturer worldwide, operates in Dresden its largest semiconductor development center in Europe. "We are placed in Silicon Saxony - one of the most dynamic technology hot spots in the world," said Frank Prein, Senior Vice President for Technology and Managing Director of Qimonda Dresden.

...Dr. Winfried Hoffmann, Chief Technology Officer of the Solar Business Group for Applied Materials, confirms that the fast growth of the solar energy market in Germany creates an enormous market potential for international semiconductor firms. "Germany has the largest density of PV producers worldwide. Between 2007 and 2008 another 15 PV companies are planned with investments of about EUR1 billion in all steps of the value chain," said Dr. Hoffmann.

But the success of the PV industry is still strongly linked to the existing government support programs.
From SolarDaily