Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Russell Seitz calls Al Gore an Eco-Hypocrite

And he does it in his own inimitable way:
He never mentioned this odd leaf in his Green portfolio to the Live Earth audience, but to be fair, he never sought to become a potential Superfund site owner. The $20,000 royalty checks from the Pasminco zinc Mine on his family land stem from a sweetheart deal with a bona fide Russian robber baron whose name was a byword for Big Oil. Occidental Petroleum president Armand Hammer leased the mine from Albert Gore Senior.Al Junior inherited his position as an A-list toxic heavy metal magnate along with his Senate seat.

From: Adamant

I had planned on getting around to this if Mr. Gore announced for the presidency.
Well, I've still got the funny dealings in Molten Metals Technology with his pal Maurice Strong.
And a few other things, unless Russell beats me to them.