Friday, July 6, 2007

Old clean coal

Using photosynthesis by single cell algae to pull CO2 from smokestacks. Why not?
An interesting idea and a couple names. From the Economist.

...GS CleanTech, which has developed a bioreactor based on a patent held by a group of scientists at the Ohio Coal Research Centre, at University of Ohio. The GS CleanTech bioreactor uses a parabolic mirror to funnel sunlight into fibre-optic cables that carry it to acrylic “glow plates” inside the reactor. These diffuse the light over vertical sheets of polyester that form the platform on which the algae grow. Eventually, the polyester is unable to support the weight of the algae, and they fall off into a collection duct.

...A preliminary test of GreenFuel's reactor design, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's campus power plant, suggested that it can remove 75% of the carbon dioxide from a power station's exhaust. A more serious test is now being carried out by Arizona Public Service, that state's power utility, at its Redhawk plant, and another is planned in Louisiana.