Friday, July 13, 2007

No green bubble-Solar not Overheating (sorry), Gold $2000/oz.?

French broker Cheuvreux today said that there is no 'green-tech' bubble, arguing that climate-change regulation will sustain the growth of companies in sectors such as renewables, water and energy efficiency.

At a press briefing in London, Morgan Carval, a sustainable technologies analyst at Cheuvreux, a Paris-based division of investment bank Calyon, said that the growth of interest in 'green-tech' is fundamentally different from the dot-com or biotech bubbles of the late 1990s and early 2000s. They were "driven by pure entrepreneurship", he said. "The first difference is support from regulation."

From: Environmental Finance

If you remember Cheuvreux caused a bit of a stir 18 months ago with this report:

Remonetisation of gold: Start hoarding

We are raising our mid-cycle gold price estimate to USD900/oz from USD750/oz and see the possibility of a spike to USD2,000, or higher. Covert selling (via central bank lending) has artificially depressed the price for a decade.

Elsewhere in the Solar System, had this headline a few days ago:

French solar power sector in spotlight as renewable energy firms expand

The French solar power sector was in the spotlight as EDF Energies Nouvelles and Sechilienne-Sidec announced orders for modules as part of expansion plans for their photovoltaic capacity.

Shares in both companies rose after they unveiled their programmes for tapping the vast potential of producing electricity from the sun's rays.

The market took a different view of proposals by Theolia to step up its worldwide wind farm operations, and the company's shares dropped as much as 10 pct.