Monday, July 9, 2007

Let's Get Serious About Changing Our Carbon Footprint

I lifted this from someone and can't remember who. If it's yours, please email the link and I'll post.

Top 11 suggestions for reducing carbon emissions that the Media and Hollywood will never suggest.

11) Stop buying CDs and DVDs. The discs and cases are not biodegradable and the energy and processes used to produce them contribute CO2 and pollutants in the atmosphere, the inserts contribute to deforestation. Alternative: Songs and Movies can be downloaded on-line for free.

10) Stop going to the movies, the movie industry is the second biggest polluter in Los Angles behind only the petroleum industry, sitting in movie theaters requires large volumes of heated or cooled air to be produced contributing to energy consumption not to mention the energy required to drive to the theaters. Alternative: Movies can be downloaded on-line for free.

9) Stop going to large concert events, concerts are usually held in larger cities, this requires people from surrounding areas to drive long distances in order to attend these events, large traveling shows require many trucks to ship equipment from city to city, and the routes are not optimized to reduce energy usage but are based solely on venue availability and talent schedules. Not to mention the printed promotional materials required which are destroying the rainforests. Alternative: See a local band instead or if you must catch the show on a bootleg video for free on-line.

8) Stop buying newspapers, magazines and books. These publications are some of the biggest consumers of paper products, and require significant amounts of energy to deliver. Alternative: Read online publications and downloadable PDF versions of magazines and books they can be downloaded on-line for free.

7) Ban personal private jet usage. Private jets should be limited to emergency medical passengers and heads of state. The carbon emissions per passenger are significantly higher. Alternative: Don’t be an ass and fly coach with the little people.

6) Ban low occupancy limousine usage. Alternative: Celebrities may offer rides to the homeless when they want to use a limo for the Oscars.

5) Ban large private homes and multiple home ownership. Alternative: Celebrities can open up rooms to the public to increase occupancy rates.

4) Stop watching award shows like the Oscars, these large self-absorbed self-important self-congratulatory gatherings require participants to waste energy traveling from around the world, predominantly in large low occupancy vehicles to vie for a meaningless award which at least 3/4 of the participants wont win anyway, plus gathering in a huge venue requires massive volumes of heated/cooled air not to mention the fact that the “shows” drag on for hours so millions of people around the world waste vast amounts of energy leaving their televisions tuned-in for hours of boring entertainment. Alternative: Get a life.

3) Actually reduce your consumption and ignore misleading catch phrases like “carbon neutral” since it is just a way for rich liberals to buy indulgences while not actually reducing their consumption or changing their lifestyle. Alternative: Just be a hypocrite and say you are: “Carbon Neutral”. On a side note I wish Al Gore would commit to being methane neutral!

2) Ban business travel for the promotion of any materials or product that can be delivered digitally. If it can believe delivered digitally it can be promoted digitally. Alternative: Fly around the world as a self-promoting ass.

1) Turn off your computers and TVs and go outside for entertainment that only requires the kind of energy you can produce yourself (or for that matter stay inside with your spouse and generate some energy ). Alternative: Just sit on the couch waiting to die.

So everyone do your part to help the environment, pirate movies and music like hell and reduce the financial incentives for rich liberal celebrities to waste tons of energy on self-promotion and self-indulgence. Why don't celebrities just tell us the simple things we can do to reduce emissions!

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