Friday, July 13, 2007

Hypotheses about the "China Free" Movement

That's the headline at The Rehearsal Studio.

The more I think about this subject the more apparent it becomes that the quickest way to reduce CO2 emissions in this world is to slow the importation of Chinese goods to the U.S.

It seems that the positive effects of battling the "greatest crisis" (Robert Kennedy Jr. et al Gore) might be worth the higher inflation in the U.S. and depression in China.

I could have signs made up:
Please Don't Feed the Dragon

Now if I can just find a factory somewhere to make them cheap enough...

Or maybe, Toga Party. See:
Rich Nations Accused of Green Imperialism

Back to the Studio:

...It would seem that the chickens of that formula of prosperity-through-globalization are coming home to roost; and suddenly the world is taking a harsh look at both the chickens and how they are being processed. The Chinese are discovering that this is a problem too big to be resolved through exercising capital punishment....

...The more direct hypothesis is that globalization has created an expansion of market volume, very much in the manner that evangelists such as Tom Friedman said it would. Unfortunately, even with its vast population, China is not keeping up with that expanded volume.

And from the Daily Mail:
How one woman said 'No' to Chinese imports