Monday, July 9, 2007

Gore Vidal Sounds Off on Solar Power Caper

Note to public utility companies: Do not cross Gore Vidal.

Kasia Anderson: Let’s just catch up here in terms of where things stand at this point in the saga. ...

Gore Vidal: Well, in the saga of light and day and the dark of the moon ... exactly a year ago, there was a total blackout. I live in the Hollywood Hills, and the area around [my street] and other streets that go up from down below from the flats to the high mountaintop to help people cross over to the Valley—this is a street that people like to take to get from Hollywood, let’s say to San Fernando Valley, Burbank, and so on. That said, to my astonishment, I was, like everybody else, on the grid; I never questioned it, never thought about it. Next thing I know, for eight days we are without any power of any kind in the house, and some genius somewhere in the municipal divisions had managed to turn my telephone off. So, I had no telephone, no light, no nothing, and was forced, at enormous expense, to move with my godson, who is an expert—he’s part of the Green Party in France, where he lives, and he is not an American—I hope there was no resentment over that, but he was very helpful in just setting this thing up.

From Truthdig

This guy talks better than I write with edits and drafts, rewrites and wadded up electrons thrown in the trash.