Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Gore gets the green, so can you

...Almost single-handedly, The Goracle has made climate change the top issue of our time. What's less well-known is that Gore is also a shrewd businessman. Aside from the six-figure fees he pockets off his many speaking gigs, he's made tens of millions of dollars in stock option profits from U.S. tech giants such as Google.

..."At Deloitte we believe this is going to be one of the world's next big industries. We believe that not just millions, but billions -- and possibly trillions -- of dollars of capital will be invested and made," he says.

...Robert Wilder, a straight-talking former academic who resides in a solar-powered home near San Diego, is credited with co-founding the first such alternative energy index, known as the WilderHill Clean Energy Index.

"We're at the top of the second inning today. We're just starting, and it's going to require a massive change from the current, inertia-bound trajectory that governments typically have" to wean the global economy off carbon-based fuels, he says.

From the National Post