Friday, July 6, 2007

Energy company wins OK for several temporary camps

This is investment research at its most basic. It works. I have a friend who caught a couple frauds by hanging around loading docks, counting trucks and coming back to tell me the reported numbers were bogus.

He got hooked though, sad story, thought lightning would keep striking and ended up spending too much time in alleys before he stopped, cold turkey. Today he still gets the gleam in his eye and I think of Teddy Kennedy's 1980 speech: "The hope shall live and the dream will never die".

Anyway business is good for EnCana in Colorado, as reported by the Aspen Daily News:

Doug Hock, spokesman for EnCana Oil & Gas (USA) said the company hopes the camps help ease the housing shortage, which is caused in part by northwest Colorado’s energy boom.
Hock said the camps, set up at remote sites near the gas fields, will mean less pressure on accommodations in town.