Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Business Roundtable Climate Change Statement

They start out with four paragraphs of boilerplate blah, blah, blah. Then comes the first lift of your wallet (There's more to come, this is all they'll make public now. Coincidently Joe Lieberman pulled his cap'n trade bill today, that's so fresh I can't link it yet):

...Government policies should encourage early action and investment to reduce emissions and improve energy efficiency. This will motivate more companies to step forward and provide public recognition to those companies who have reduced their carbon footprints.

Translation, "Hey, we aren't polluting as much, for one reason or another, give us some money"

From the Business Roundtable
Here's the list of the Climate RESOLVE members, there's a fair amount of overlap with USCAP.

And guess what? Their greenwashing grantees are all for it. Here's Environmental Defense Inc.:

Environmental Defense today applauded a resounding statement from the 160 chief executive officers in the Business Roundtable that climate change poses a serious risk and that action must be taken now to curb rising greenhouse gas emissions.

Here's Environmental Defense Inc.'s 2006 Form 990. Line 12 on these things is "Total Revenue".
ED's revenue: $ 69,501,360. I'm guessing that will be going up.

Environmental Defense is also a member of USCAP. They are pretty good at this hustle.

Here's the FT story "
NGO evolution: Charities look to businesses"

We should hear from USCAP members, the Pew Center and the NRDC soon.

This is going to be the biggest money grab in history.