Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The bottom billion bite back

Less than 1% of the U.N.'s CDM carbon money has gone to Africa.They are Corrupt Bastards.

The bottom billion – who live on less than a dollar a day – coexist with the 21st century, but their reality is the 14th century: civil war, plague, ignorance. They are concentrated in Africa and central Asia with a scattering elsewhere. They live in Chad, Haiti, Bolivia, Cambodia and North Korea.

About 70% of the bottom billion live in Africa. Quite rightly, Africa is repeatedly on the agenda at G8 meetings. But the same process that has forced Africa onto the agenda, namely pressure from celebrities and nongovernmental organisations, has inadvertently trivialised the solution, reducing it to a question of aid. The apotheosis of this process is surely the latest issue of Vanity Fair: devoted to Africa and edited by Bono.

From the Times of London