Thursday, July 5, 2007

Arctic Monkeys lash Live Earth 'hypocrites'

..."Someone asked us to give a quote about what was happening in Sheffield and it's like 'who cares what we think about what's happening'?" added Helders.

"There's more important people who can have an opinion. Why does it make us have an opinion because we're in a band?"...

...Roger Daltrey, singer from 1970s British rock band The Who, told British newspaper The Sun in May that "the last thing the planet needs is a rock concert.

From the Sydney Morning Herald

I had forgotten the concerts were this weekend, how out-of-it am I? Thanks to the WSJ's Energy Roundup for the reminder.
(It's where to go for breaking band and venue information. No, seriously. It was the first place I saw that Spinal Tap was reuniting)