Tuesday, May 30, 2023

"Democrats: Save Us Michelle!"

You may have noticed that for the last year or so the former First Lady's press peeps have kept her mentions on a low simmer, nothing dramatic or flamboyant or controversial but enough to keep the public from forgetting her. For example, our last post re: Michelle was in January of this year:

"Top secret documents reportedly found in Biden cache"

For the purposes of the powers that be, President Biden has to hang in there until January 20. If he were to leave office prior to that date Vice-President Harris could only fill-in for his remaining term and run for President once, in 2024. Should the transition take place more than half-way into President Biden's term, the Veep can fill out the remainder of his term and run herself in 2024 and 2028.

It gets really interesting if President Harris chooses a V.P. and steps aside herself and/or Michelle Obama, despite her protestations to the contrary, decides to run for Prez (no Veep for her, I'm sure). President (Barack) Obama didn't become the first ex-President to buy a house in D.C. for the:

 "Northern charm and Southern efficiency"
—Senator Warren G. Magnuson, 1945

And before that November 2021.*

The fact that deep embed Susan Rice just left the O'Biden-Harris administration without discussing her future plans certainly is in keeping with the possibility of a fourth and fifth Obama term (placeholder Joe being #3 and fall guy should one be required)

From Cornell Law Prof William Jacobson's Legal Insurrection blog, May 27:

The fierce urgency of now may come into play if there is a realistic prospect of Trump returning to the White House or America becoming DeSantistan.

Joe Biden’s approval ratings are in the sewer, and a majority of Democrats want someone else to be the nominee in 2024. A supermajority of Americans don’t want another rematch of Biden v. Trump.

Enter one Michelle Obama.

Or at least the thought of Michelle Obama.

Longtime readers will recall that I’ve been predicting a Michelle Obama savior project for many years.

Then Covid happened, and the Dems rigged the selection process to get rid of Bernie and install zombie candidate Joe Biden. The rest is history. We are now in Barack Obama’s third term, with the Team Obama running Biden doing damage beyond their wildest dreams.

But to complete the fundamental transformation of the nation laid out by Barack Obama, a fourth term is needed. And it’s far from clear that Biden is the guy to do it, or Kamala Harris. Democrats’ best hope is that Trump is the Republican nominee and there is another huge anti-Obama Trump turnout.

So once again there is Michelle Obama chatter.

Michelle Obama would be Democrats’ best chance to win in 2024

There has been some recent media buzz, as well as hope, about the possibility that former First Lady Michelle Obama might be persuaded to enter the 2024 presidential race. While that prospect is very unlikely – she has always rebuffed any notion that she might run for office – the enthusiasm is understandable. As the Democratic presidential nominee, or even the vice-presidential nominee, she would give Democrats their best chance at retaining the White House.

As it stands, President Biden’s chances of winning reelection against a credible Republican presidential candidate (which excludes former President Trump) aren’t great . . . .

But if Biden can’t win, who can? Michelle Obama would have a good chance . . . . .

Michelle Obama for president in 2024?

Former White House and Pentagon official Douglas MacKinnon said if not Biden or Vice President Kamala Harris, Democrats could look to a past superstar to create a more viable ticket.

Among the names of possible contenders, former first lady Michelle Obama’s name was floated ahead of the last Democratic presidential primary, although she has repeatedly denied any interest in seeking office. At 59, and with her “it” factor (as McKinnon labels it) she could emerge as a top candidate and Democrats could look to push her to run. She has previously denied any desire to seek candidacy.

Democrats say Michelle Obama has the “it” factor that could maybe beat Donald Trump in 2024.

While Democratic leaders are publicly rallying behind Joe Biden to be their guy for the 2024 presidential election, behind the scenes Democrats are still mulling the best leader for the party who could win a stand-off against former President Donald Trump in 2024.

Michelle Obama for President in 2024? It Could Happen....

 *"Regulate Crypto To Stop Chinese And Russian Manipulations – Hillary Clinton"
Is Madame Secretary of State angling for President again? She seems to be popping up in the news and other venues more frequently of late....
....Also at EconInteresct:

Seriously, about the presidency thing, there is talk that Vice-President Harris gets bought off to depart the stage for personal reasons while Mme Secretary is nominated for the V.P. slot, only to be elevated to President due to the rapidly increasing deterioration of President Biden. The First Lady, Dr. Jill also being bought off to agree to the above. You could probably accomplish it for under $100 million, leaving only two questions: 1) Does Michelle Obama throw her hat in the ring in 2024 and 2) Does Hillary get to keep the gown and robe from Queens University, Belfast, or is that a loaner?


Daily Mail

Okay, three questions. 3) Will the young lady holding the hem of the gown/robe off the ground become a permanent member of the retinue, perhaps replacing Huma? 

We should have answers to questions 2 and 3 within six months and to #1 within a couple years.