Sunday, May 28, 2023

Russian Spy Whale Seen In Norwegian Waters

Note the lack of "scare quotes" in the headline. They're real and they're magnificent.

From The Barents Observer, May 24:

The "spy whale” is back
The well known ‘Whaledimir’ beluga whale has been detected in the waters near Oslo. 

This time the arctic waters whale has reached the densely populated area near Oslo. On Tuesday, May 24, the Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries, that has management responsibility for marine mammals, called for people not to interact with the mammal in order not to cause it any harm.  

The beluga ‘Whaledimir’ (Hvaldimir in Norwegian) was first spotted by local fisherman Joar Hesten on Norway’s Barents Sea coast in April 2019 in Måsøy municipality and has since been traveling along the Norwegian coast....


What's it doing so far south, vacationing?

April 2019
WTH: "Whale with harness could be Russian weapon, say Norwegian experts"
May 2019
"Satellite Images Reveal Russian Navy's Secret Arctic Marine Mammal Facility"
....Seen here returning a woman's phone, dropped in her excitement:

Hvaldimir? What kind of name is Hvaldimir?
Whaley McWhaleface should have been a lock.

There is some question whether this Beluga returning a woman's dropped phone is Hvaldimar or just some rando phone retrieving cetacean: