Sunday, April 11, 2021

Wood Mackenzie: "Build Or Buy: Are The Copper Majors Rising To The Growth Challenge?""

The amount of copper that is going to be required to electrify the economy is mind-boggling so the first thing I would do is try to crash the market in an attempt to acquire assets on the cheap.

That's not what these folks are advocating, just what I would do.

Link via the FT's natural resources editor:

And at WoodMac April 6: 

The copper industry may be shooting for the stars on demand — but the supply challenge could bring it back down to earth. In the second of a two-part series, Julian Kettle, Senior Vice President, Vice Chair Metals and Mining asks: can the top producers arrest a decline in output with organic project development? Or is it time to buy growth? 

And for a peek at what fuels my copper-bottomed dreams of avarice, a post we used to observe the 100th anniversary of the Panic of 1907: 

Boston Fed: In Which A Copper Speculator's Attempted Corner Causes A Stock Market Crash

From the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston:

Panic of 1907
Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

"Crash Crash Crash"
Boston Post-October 18, 1907

Although the headline referred to events in New York, Boston Post readers knew exactly what it "meant.
Effects of the financial crisis were certain to reach beyond Wall Street....