Friday, November 20, 2020

"General Motors aims to commercialize battery, fuel cell technologies, be automaker of the future" (GM; TSLA)

 A twofer, first up some history from Car & Driver, March 4, 2020:

GM Unveils Battery with Capacity Twice as Big as Tesla’s

General Motors has finally revealed details of its ambitious plan to conquer the electric-vehicle market, including a massive 200.0-kWh battery for its GMC Hummer.

....GM's Ultium batteries will offer battery capacities that range from 50.0 kWh to a massive 200.0 kWh. Although 50.0 kWh is a capacity seen on many electric vehicles today, 200 would be the first of its kind. Rivian, maker of the forthcoming R1T EV pickup and R1S EV SUV, has said that it'll offer a battery with a capacity of up to 180 kWh. Tesla’s biggest battery is 100.0 kWh, available in the Model S and Model X, which is one of the biggest batteries currently available.

That 200.0-kWh battery will only go into GM’s electric trucks, the Hummer SUT, Hummer SUV, and an electrified Chevrolet pickup. The huge battery, we approximate, is roughly 18 inches thick. GM estimates its biggest battery will give vehicles a range of up to 400 miles or more on a full charge.....MORE

And from the Detroit News, November 17, the headline story:

Detroit — In its storied past, General Motors Co. built refrigerators, locomotive engines and a gamut of auto parts before dumping those businesses in a long-running battle to return to profitability.

The 112-year-old automaker is making money again and back in the business of building product for others, this time developing green powertrains for the future while the nation reckons with rising climate change concerns and a coming wave of electric vehicles

 Moving to commercialize its Ultium-branded battery and Hydrotec fuel-cell technology could give GM a leg up in a competitive market, more cash flow for these expensive programs and make a Detroit automaker known for its Chevy trucks into something it's not really been considered — a tech-savvy company leveraging its vehicle manufacturing might to compete (or do business with) just about any Silicon Valley heavyweight....