Thursday, November 19, 2020

Drug Cartel Exposer Borderland Beat Has Shut Down

And despite the fact they reported from the most dangerous beat in the world it wasn't a hit squad but a lawsuit.

From the San Diego Reader, November 9:

Borderland Beat shut down
Milenio Cartel founder's suit strikes blow

Borderland Beat, one of the best resources for current and accurate information on Mexico’s bloody drug wars – and its key players – has shut down its website in response to a lawsuit apparently filed by one of the founders of Mexico’s Milenio Cartel who was released from a Kentucky prison in April.

(The Milenio Cartel is widely thought to have evolved into the Cartel Jalisco Neuvo Generacion.)

Borderland Beat’s founder isn’t talking about the suit, he said in a phone call. The website announced the shutdown (look at it as a cached view) the first week of October. It was named a defendant In the loss of privacy suit along with Google and a slew of other news outlets in Mexico. The volunteer website continues to tweet at @borderland_beat, and hopes to relaunch in January 2021

The lawsuit points to stories published in Mexican media in June about the convicted capo being released from prison, and included a photo of Armando Valencia Cornelio that shows he is moving to California and treating for lymphoma – information also available in federal court records....


And from Borderland Beat's Twitter feed: