Saturday, November 21, 2020

"China Signals Judicial 'Reform,' Crackdown on Peaceful Dissent in Hong Kong"

 I had expected that Radio Free Asia and U.S. Agency for Global Media (USAGM) would have figured out a way to punch holes in the Great Firewall of China, akin to what Radio Free Europe did, but not using radio as the primary tech. But no.

So the least we can do, and I mean least, is let the folks in Hong Kong know we're paying attention.

From RFA, November 17:

The ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has signaled a further clampdown on dissent in Hong Kong, with a public denunciation of a pro-democracy group and apparent plans to make changes to the city's judiciary.

Zhang Xiaoming, deputy director of the Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office under China's State Council, vowed that "anti-China" disruptive elements would be driven out of public life.

In a speech to an online conference, Zhang called on Hong Kong to start putting "patriotism before the core values of democracy, freedom, and human rights advocated by Hong Kong society."

"It is only natural to demand that those who govern Hong Kong must be patriots," Zhang said, adding: "Those who oppose China in order to create chaos in Hong Kong need to get out."

Current affairs commentator Johnny Lau said the term "patriot" was vague enough to enable its use at the whim of the authorities.

"He is using this very vague concept of patriotism to regulate and bind political actors in the future," Lau told RFA. "The definition of who is a patriot is pretty vague, and can just be defined by the government."....


Vague laws, capriciously enforced, that's the totalitarian way.