Friday, October 16, 2020

YouTube Cracks Down On QAnon Content As Kaminska Posts Video

 And she thanked President Trump for promoting it!

From the Associated Press:

YouTube follows Twitter and Facebook with QAnon crackdown

OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) — YouTube is following the lead of Twitter and Facebook, saying that it is taking more steps to limit QAnon and other baseless conspiracy theories that can lead to real-world violence.

The Google-owned video platform said Thursday it will now prohibit material targeting a person or group with conspiracy theories that have been used to justify violence.

One example would be videos that threaten or harass someone by suggesting they are complicit in a conspiracy such as QAnon, which paints President Donald Trump as a secret warrior against a supposed child-trafficking ring run by celebrities and “deep state” government officials....MUCH MORE

And from FT Alphaville:

The “game theory” in the Qanon conspiracy theory

A couple of months ago we asked if Qanon, the online conspiracy that claims Trump is saving the world from corrupt pedophiles, is actually a LARP (i.e. a live-action role-playing game). The whole structure of the conspiracy, especially its puzzle-solving elements, seemed to us to emulate the constructs of a purposefully planned alternative reality game.

It wasn’t long before we were put in touch with a number of voices who seemed to corroborate the theory.

It’s a strange story. One that features a multitude of actors, many with varying or not-always clearcut agendas.

Here’s a short video we made about our findings so far:.... 


Ummm....on second thought there may not be a causal relationship between YouTube's actions and Izzy's upload. The AP story is dated October 14 and the Alphaville post is October 16.

Anyhoo, here's an alternate site to watch the vid should the GOOG memory-hole it from YT: