Saturday, October 24, 2020

Political Chat

Thinking about dipping a toe into the political waters.
Although political commentary seems easy enough—we see all sorts of investment/finance folks doing it, we're just learning so please be gentle.
Let's begin with Henri the Existentialist Cat:

Well that didn't seem too difficult. No wonder everyone gravitates to political stuff. 
Let's see if we can take it up a notch. Maybe Germany 1919 - 1933, Rosa Luxemburg to the Enabling Act:
„Spät kommt Ihr — Doch Ihr kommt!"
Whoa, there's that Austrian dude quoting Freddie Schiller in the Kroll Opera House. 
This political commentary gig might be harder than I thought, I might actually have to know stuff.
Maybe take a break with some music:

Doonesbury Comic Strip for January 24, 1974
Doonesbury by Garry Trudeau, January 24, 1974