Monday, October 26, 2020

Shipping—Okay, Listen-Up: Forget The Hydrogen, LNG, Ammonia, Batteries etc, The Fuel Of the Future Is Nuclear

 From Offshore, October 26:

Prokopiou: Fuels discussed today won’t cut it, but non-military grade nuclear propulsion could

None of the alternative fuels being discussed today as the potential fuels of the future, such as LNG, ammonia or hydrogen, will be able to cut it, Ioanna Prokopiou, Chief Executive Officer of dry bulk trading company Sea Traders, believes.

Speaking during a Lloyd’s List forum during Posidonia Week, Prokopiou said that none of these fuels would be the fuel of choice in the shipping sector’s decarbonization journey.

“Going forward we’re gonna see possibly a non-military grade nuclear propulsion. It is self-contained, you don’t need to bunker your ships ever again and it has zero emissions. Obviously, there’s an issue with the waste. But none of the solutions we’re talking about right now is, in my view, gonna fly,” she said.

Prokopiou argues it will be very difficult for the crews to handle the new fuels having in mind the safety challenges they pose, include their corrosiveness, toxicity, and flammability.

“You’re gonna have all sorts of accidents and bearing in mind there’s a shortage of crew, let alone of highly educated personnel with a chemical engineering background, I think we’re looking at it quite wrong.”

As explained, it took 40 years for LNG as marine fuel to have a reliable distribution network established. Even so, there are no LNG bunkering facilities in South America or Africa. And now the same is expected to be done for two or three different fuels.....


And rockets, lots of rockets, for thrusters and for the red glare.