Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Wind Power Biggie Ørsted to Power Yara Green Ammonia Plant

 From Bloomberg via gCaptain:

Orsted Offshore Wind Farm to Power Green Ammonia Plant for Fertilizer

Orsted A/S, the world’s biggest developer of offshore wind farms, plans to use its latest Dutch installation to make  for use in fertilizer.

The Danish utility will work with the fertilizer giant Yara International ASA to use wind power to create hydrogen and turn it into ammonia. The project could produce about 75,000 tons of green ammonia a year, cutting Yara’s carbon footprint.

But as with most new green projects, the companies said they’ll need government support to get off the ground.

Green ammonia is seen as an option to store hydrogen or use it for industrial applications and transportation. Chemical fertilizers use ammonia, made up of nitrogen and hydrogen. The most common and cheapest way of making hydrogen today emits carbon dioxide.

The proposed plant in the Netherlands would use 100 megawatts of electrolyzers — machines powered by electricity that separate the hydrogen atoms in water from the oxygen. Orsted is currently building a 752-megawatt wind farm off the Dutch coast that could provide the facility with green power....