Thursday, October 15, 2020

"Why the World’s Largest Aluminum Sailing Yacht Is Also One of Its Most Magnificent"

From The Robb Report, October 4:

The "Sea Eagle II" has landed.

A record breaker for Royal Huisman as its largest launch, Sea Eagle II is also the world’s largest aluminum sailing yacht. The Dutch yard has built hundreds of vessels during its 136-year history, but this 266-footer, with 200-foot-high carbon masts and a sweeping, 37,000-square-foot sail plan, is its most sophisticated—and magnificent—to date.

Royal Huisman built the first Sea Eagle for the same owner, a Taiwanese businessman and veteran sailor, who took delivery in 2015. Eclipsing the original Sea Eagle by 120 feet, Sea Eagle II is a Panamax schooner designed for transiting the Panama Canal, her masts clearing the tall Bridge of the Americas on the Pacific side by only a few feet....


In comparison, the ridiculous oil tanker in "Oil Tankers and Interest Rates and Scallywags and Time", the seven masted schooner Thomas W Lawson sailed under 43,000 sq ft (4,000 m2) of sail: 

It would not be described as magnificent.