Monday, October 5, 2020

Bummer Dude: "35 Years of Research Into Coronavirus Infections Show Long-Term Immunity Is Unlikely"

From ScienceAlert, October 3:
Even once a person gets sick with a coronavirus that's no guarantee they won't contract it again, new research suggests.
While SARS-CoV-2 is the coronavirus that has the world's attention right now, there are numerous others that we've known about for decades, which are not only known to infect humans, but are highly seasonal.

Researchers have studied four species of these seasonal coronaviruses across the past 35 years, and found reinfection occurred frequently, around a year after the first bout.

While that doesn't necessarily say anything about the current global pandemic, it's not a good sign for the hope of long-term immunity in a population.

Analysing 513 serum samples collected since the 1980s from 10 healthy males living in Amsterdam, researchers noticed several spikes of an antibodies linked to coronaviruses....

If interested see also August 1's "Dr. Osterholm: Americans will be living with the coronavirus for decades"

Coronavirus, like the poor and the common cold will probably always be with us.