Monday, October 12, 2020

A Mini-Masters Class On What's What In AI Chips, Machine Learning and Programming

Over the last eight weeks Tiernan Ray wrote a series of articles that, taken together are as good an overview of the AI biz and buzz as you are likely to find in the generalist press.

For now we'll just link the headlines but down the road we'll be coming back to these.

And for what it's worth, Mr. Ray helped inform our thinking on Nvidia as it was making its first six-fold run, including the wonderful year 2016 when NVDA was the best performer among the S&P 500 component stocks. We have a lot of posts on Nvidia, use the 'search blog' box upper left if interested.

From ZD Net:

August 17
Intel: Data bandwidth, sparsity are the two biggest challenges for AI chips

August 18
Cerebras teases second-generation wafer-scale AI chip

August 25
What is GPT-3? Everything your business needs to know about OpenAI’s breakthrough AI language program

August 29
Human meets AI: Intel Labs team pushes at the boundaries of human-machine interaction with deep learning

September 5
Glaxo’s biology research with novel Cerebras machine shows hardware may change how AI is done

September 18
People’s notions about AI are terrible, an MIT study asks whether they can be helped

September 18
How do we know AI is ready to be in the wild? Maybe a critic is needed

September 25
NumPy’s contribution to Python is remarkable, but where it goes next could be even more so

September 30
Close to the metal: serial entrepreneur Rado Danilak describes ‘the most crazy project of my life’

September 30
Will AI cross the proverbial chasm? Algorithmia resolves the practical pitfalls of machine learning