Saturday, December 21, 2019

Russia's New Floating Nuke Power Plant Begins Delivering Electricity

Following up on September 19's "Russia’s first sea-borne nuclear power plant arrives at its Arctic base":
These are isolated little communities.
The same area we were looking at in last Sunday's "Some Potentially Positive News For The Arctic Ice Cap This Winter", the Chukchi, East Siberian and Beaufort Seas.
And from Arctic Today, Sept. 16:
The plant could be providing power to Pevek by the end of the year.....

And from the Barents Observer, December 19:
Christmas tree lighted with first electricity from Arctic floating nuclear-power plant 
At 11 am Moscow Times on December 19th, the “Akademik Lomonosov” delivered its first electricity to the grid in Pevek, Arctic Russia.
The Christmas tree in Pevek was lighted on December 19th with nuclear-power from "Akademik Lomonosov". 
Photo: Rosatom
Symbolically, given season, the town’s Christmas tree was first to be lighted with electricity produced by the two reactors on board the plant that is moored in the port.

Additional to the town of Pevek, the grid includes the Chaun-Bilibino junction in the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, Rosatom informs.

“Today a historic event occurred, the first connection of the “generators of “Akademik Lomonosov” floating nuclear heat- and electricity nuclear power plant were connected to the grid,” Rosenergoatom Director General Andrey Petrov said....MORE
It's a pretty big deal.