Monday, December 23, 2019

Meanwhile in Thailand: Court to Rule on Sedition Case Linking Opposition to Illuminati

From the Associated Press:
BANGKOK (AP) — Thailand’s Constitutional Court says it will rule on a sedition complaint that claims a popular opposition political party is linked to the Illuminati, which conspiracy theorists say secretly seeks world domination.

The complaint filed in July by lawyer Natthaporn Toprayoon charges that the Future Forward Party seeks to overthrow Thailand’s constitutional monarchy. The new party, which won the third highest number of seats in a March general election, denies the allegation. It could be dissolved if convicted.

The court’s statement, made public Sunday, said no hearings would be held in the case because the court already had enough evidence. No date for its ruling was specified. Party spokeswoman Pannika Wanich said its request for a hearing was refused, but that it had sent the court documents in its defense....