Friday, December 20, 2019

Parking as a Service

From GeekWire:

Seattle-area mall employs parking tech to give last-minute holiday shoppers access to best spaces
Rather than spend time searching or competing against other drivers for the best parking spots at the mall, shoppers pressed for time in the waning days of the holiday shopping season might want to take advantage of a tech-enabled solution to reserve prime spaces.

Miami-based MyPark, an app-enabled parking solutions provider, has partnered with Westfield Southcenter, a mall south of Seattle.

The service launched Thursday and allows users to reserve any of 18 spaces in what are considered key locations. The cost is $3 for the first two hours and $3 for each additional hour. In either the iOS or Android app, users register and then fill in where and when they want to park. At the reserved space, the driver taps “Let me in” in the app and a device in the parking spot lowers to allow a vehicle to pull in....MORE