Friday, December 20, 2019

Blythe Masters Had a Husband, He Had Dreams Too, You Know

July 12, 2014
Headline Of The Day: Blythe Masters' Ex-Husband Launches Offshored Bitcoin Hedge Fund

September 11, 2014
Vote Yes on Jersey and Guernsey Embracing Bitcoin 
It's not so much that we are interested in Jersey and Guernsey Mr. Revenue Officer, it's just that we're stalking Blythe Masters' ex-husband.

Which led to 2016's  "Global Advisors Bitcoin Fund listed on Channel Islands Securities Exchange"

Which led to 2018's "Jersey: leading the way on crypto currency"

And why, wary yet possibly curious reader may be asking, are we taking this stroll down Memory Lane?

From FT Alphaville, December 20, 2019:
Blythe’s back, but has she said bye-bye to blockchain?
She was once the darling of blockchain in finance. She would travel the globe espousing its virtues at conferences, calling blockchain “email for money”; would appear on magazine covers under the headline “it’s all about the blockchain”; and was the CEO of one of what has been called a “seminal enterprise blockchain startup”.

But Blythe Masters, a high-flying former JP Morgan executive, appears to have cooled on the distributed dream-ledger.
From Forbes:
The former head of JP Morgan global commodities and CEO of blockchain startup Digital Asset Holdings is back. After quietly stepping away from the heavily funded Digital Asset last year Blythe Masters has joined as an industry partner at the newly launched Motive Partners, an investment firm focused on backing companies building technology for financial services.
Motive Partners, it turns out, has nothing to do with blockchain. According to Forbes, it raised a $473 million private equity fund last month, “to focus on growth and buyout opportunities in more traditional financial services companies”....

And for those folks who skipped class the day we covered government and politics of the Channel Islands:
Guernsey is the bailiwick, Sark is a parish of Guernsey. The island of Brecqhou is a tenement of Sark
Jersey is its own bailiwick.
And just so the tax man knows "Guernsey proves it's not a tax haven | Bailiwick Express"