Sunday, December 22, 2019

Russia Is Studying the Idea Of Nuclear-Powered LNG Carrier Submarines

From the Barents Observer:

Sunrise could come for nuclear-powered submarine tanker 
Sailing under the ice north of Siberia is cheaper than crushing through, a concept study concludes. 
“It will be unique, combining the functions of a nuclear-powered submarine and a gas carrier,” said Dmitry Sidorenkov, head of engineering with Malachite Design Bureau in St. Petersburg.

Sidorenkov presented the concept study for the 360 meters long nuclear-powered submarine tanker to Strana Rosatom, the newspaper of Russia’s state nuclear corporation. The submarine is supposed to transport liquid natural gas (LNG).

Sidorenkov said today’s challenge is that all LNG gas carriers sailing from Yamal do need icebreaker assistance during winter, despite holding Arc7 ice class.

A nuclear-powered submarine gas carrier would provide year-around speedy transport from the fields to the transhipment points in Murmansk and Kamchatka.

It is Novatek, operator of Yamal LNG, that are planning for transhipment hubs in Ura Bay on the Kola Peninsula and on the coast of the Kamchatka Peninsula in the Far East. From the transhipment hubs, LNG would be transported by normal LNG tankers to the markets in Europe, North Africa, Middle East and Asia.

Sailing under the ice can be done regardless of climate and weather conditions.
“We see the demand for such vessel in the future,” said Sidorenkov....