Friday, December 21, 2018

"Qualcomm all ye faithful: 5G's soon triumphant... like 2020 soon. Really"

That headline is (almost) too much even for El Reg.  Personally it was the Mary Poppins rip-offs that I found atrocious.*
From The Register:

We just modem down with that headline (OK maybe not)
As the chip supplier to almost half the phone market, Qualcomm should be able to make a decent guess about when 5G will condense from vapourware into something more solid.

Cristiano Amon, Qualcomm's president, predicted last week that 5G will be in mid-range handsets in 2020. That's a faster ramp into the mass market than 4G had.

The first real LTE phone to be approved by the FCC was in 2010, (not counting the 4G branding shenanigans by Sprint), but it was not until 2013 - the brief heyday of the Lumia range - until it reached reach lower price points for three years. A year or 18 months is quite ambitious. Improbable as it might seem, we may even see handsets reach the market before the spectrum is there, as Amon explained in the same interview.

(Traditionally the networks have launched with a dearth of handsets; GSM was once jokingly referred to as "God Send Mobiles").

Qualcomm announced its first 5G-ready SoC, the Snapdragon 855, in Hawaii last week....MORE
*A quick sampling:
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And so, soooo, many more.
They even have self awareness but does that stop them?

So much for only one Super Cali headline per month