Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Equities: Thank You Santa

I received the options on the S&P futures and I have to say, earlier this morning I thought XXL was far too big
And on top of that I was a bit nervous about having gone public with December 20's Hulbert: "Santa Claus is coming to Wall Street — after Christmas", reiterated as the first sentence in Dec. 23's Equities: "Nothing Goes to Hell in a Straight Line, Not Even Stocks".
If you hadn't come through all those young people on the internet might have lost faith and stopped believing,
But you delivered Santa, you did!
Right down to the minute!
Via the CME:

And the size was just right.

Now, about your returns policy.
For the second year running I asked for the Chartwell Estate.
And again it seems there was some sort of miscommunication. Fortunately not as embarrassing as last year when you gave me title to the one in Westerham:

Chartwell (Westerham) - 2018 All You Need to Know Before You Go (with Photos) - TripAdvisor

and I ended up having to tell the Churchill clan that no, the mean man wasn't going to move into great-grandpa's house.
The National Trust were quite understanding as well.

No, this year's problem was probably my fault. When I asked for the Beverly Hillbillies place:

I meant the one in Bel Air, Cali:

Not their residence prior to the big oil find:

So, if I could do an exchange or something...

The good news is, when I sent you the picture in 2017: "Big House For Sale, California, Asking $350 Million" the market wa a bit frothy. It has since been marked down by 30% if pricing weighed-in on Santa's thinking.

Again thanks for the highly leveraged directional derivatives bet and I assume the triple-levered bullish ETFs are on the way as well?
Right Santa?