Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Goldman's Soccer Bot 3000 (plus Ozzy Man reviews: soccer dives)

First up, FT Alphaville:

World Cup round-up, volume 3
In English football nomenclature, we've reached “squeaky-bum time” in the group stages of this year's World Cup. in an evening of VAR madness, Spain and Portugal slipped through to the second round last night, while Argentina's hopes hang by the thinnest of threads - only a win tonight against the Nigerian super eagles will suffice for Messi & co.

England, however, have no such problem. Progress is now assured for Gareth Southgate's set piece maestros, after they scored 6 goals in the so-called “we're not tax havens, honest gov” derby versus Panama on Sunday.

With England hitting the onion bag with such surprising regularity, Goldman Sachs' Soccerbot 3000™, which deploys “recent developments in machine learning”, and is definitely not just a marketing ploy to please clients, has a new set of predictions for us.

Ta-da! England are now heading for the final, after beating Spain 1.20 to 1.17 in the semi-final:...MORE
And from Ozzy Man Reviews: