Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Chartology: "The Line of Resistance" (QQQ)

From Slope of Hope:
I would first like to point out that the title of this post isn’t “Mind the Gap”. And why is that? Because cliched post titles turn my stomach. It’s the most obvious, tiresome, overused title whenever a post like this comes along. And I’ll be caught DEAD before you see me title something “The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly.” Jesus, man.

Anyway………..the point I wanted to make was that the gap between Friday and Monday bears close scrutiny with respect to the entire tech sector. My view is that today’s UNGODLY boring trading action is just a pause in another leg down. That red line has to be conquered by the bulls in order for them to wrest control back. This trade war business is being vastly underrated in its importance.
These gaps stick out particularly well with the likes of Netflix (P/E of about 270, what a deal!)...